The Pau Grand Prize welcomes the first official run of the Ampool

The Ampool will attend the Grand Prize of Pau (May 15-17th, 2015)  !!!

It is a key event for both the cultural and sport lives of the city of Pau. The oldest race in town benefits from a strong popular support. During this Grand Prize, the city is transformed into an automotive-industry hub with shows and events for the public … It’s a whole territory that is involved, and focused on the starting line !

Exceptional races for a permanent show !
Whether through the «Modern» Grand Prize – opening the festivities with the renowned F3 European Championship – or through the «Historical» event – backed by the return of F1 – competition will be the priority within the racing circuit ! The level will be high, and single-seater cars, pilots’ determination, and spectacular competitions will be honoured ! In Pau, winning is considered a particularly sweet achievement. Which pilot will become a legend this year ?

A federative, vibrant, festive event !
During 2 weeks, it’s a whole region that will dance to the Grand Prize “sounds”: “Casetas” (typical South West parties), exhibitions of vintage cars, parades, entertaining shows, aerial displays … Along with a new momentum, including flexible pricing and plenty of room for festive and emotion-filled experiences, the heart of the city of Pau will beat faster this year, along those of the 40,000 to 50,000 expected spectators.

A far-sighted Grand Prize !
Within the paddocks,  new choices of engines and motorizations are made, new events are booked, new meetings link new generations with passionate, long-time aficionados, sharing and building together the living memory of the automotive industry.
The Electric Grand Prize is a unique contest, and is back for a 5th edition. Thus, it offers a new image of car racing sports and brings attention on new mobility options.


Update : discover underneath the first laps