D – 60 : the project just entered a new phase …

D-60 : the countdown has begun … Days are short, too short …

A lot has happened during those past few weeks. Hence, now is the perfect time to provide a new overview of the project …

The adventure officially started on the 9th of February 2015, with a launch meeting in Mont de Marsan. For the first time, the project participants gathered and exchanged on the future of this initiative.

phot1On March 2nd, the  Regional Council of Aquitaine voted in favour of a 65,000€ grant for the project, thanks to a subsidy called “Aquitaine Proto”: receiving this kind of assistance is a tremendous opportunity for a project like ours.

The turning point of the project occurred on April 21 and 22nd, with the delivery of the first global prototype (OSVehicule® – TabbyEvo), coming from Turin (Chassis, engine + batteries). Thus, on the 22nd,  a workshop day was organized to discuss the various aspects of the project: design, car body, communication, economic models, …

At the end of the day, different groups were formed and started to work immediately on assigned tasks.

Our official first run with the wheeled-prototype took place during the 2015 Grand Prize of Pau: the occasion was too glorious not to get the TabbEvo rolling on this legendary racing circuit. And everything went rather well because the prototype ran two laps without any particular problem.

Around mid June, we worked towards the final design of the vehicle: the result was promising… The 3rd of August will also remain an important milestone, as it marked the beginning of the manufacturing of both the chassis and car body.

The next 60 days will be fascinating: many tasks still need to be achieved in order to be ready for the inauguration of the ITS trade-show (October 5th, 2015).

The next milestones represent essential steps for the project progression:

  • D-50 (August, 15) : Final draft of the communication strategy
  • D-40 (August, 25) : First information on the design
  • D-30 (Septembre, 4) : Overview of the project
  • D-20 (September, 14) : Presentation of the project concept as a whole, with its associated services
  • D-10 (September, 24) : Press conference with the project presentation, including the final design of the vehicle

October 5th, 2015 is, thus, set to be an important day for our regional conception of innovation: free and open, collaborative and agile …