Ampool is a world in itself filled with …

… openness and collaboration: twenty partners share their knowledge and technologies.

… a diversity of technologies and mobilities : Ampool can easily evolve, and is Open Source car : put it together in 4 hours.

… innovative services :Ampool evolves in an environment specially designed for the project.

Welcome to the world of the Ampool !!!



    • 16 mai 2015 : Le fameux prototype (The notorious prototype)
    • 14 mai 2015 : C’est aussi une vitrine des innovations techniques (It’s also a showcase for technical innovations)
    • 27 avril 2015 : Ils travaillent à une voiture électrique en kit (They are working on the Kit version of an electric car)

RP_20150516      RP_20150514     RP_20150427